Why I Joined: SGT Tyree Brown

SGT Tyree Brown, firm believer of the saying "the sky is the limit," and his parents talk about the benefits and the competitive advantage of joining the Army.

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Tyree: My mother was a single parent for a short time. And she pretty much did anything for me and you learn a lot from that. This man came into our lives and took care of us. And he's my role model...he's what I look to the way a man should be.

Dad: I told my kids; I want you to do better than I have. And he has.

Tyree: I joined the Army because I was working kind of a dead-end job. Really couldn't see myself climbing any kind of ladder, it was just something to do after school.

Mom: He knew that if he did this, then he could come out of it with a career, not just a job.

Tyree: I could see myself gaining leaps and bounds over everyone else because there's the education benefits, there's the...just the fact that you can go and see all kinds of places around the world. And I really wanted the experience.

Mom: He saw the world. You know, he saw the world through his own eyes.

Dad: Financial-wise there's something for him to lean back on. Something he can hold on to for his child.

Mom: With College, with housing, they would be there just like a parent.

Tyree: Just as long as you keep going forward, the sky's the limit on what you can become.

Dad: I told him when he got out, I think this is the best choice you made. I think this is the best choice you made.

Tyree: I did the right thing. I did what I needed to do better myself and better everyone else around me.

Dad: He turned out...he turned out well.