Why I Joined: SGT Tyree Brown Part 2

SGT Tyree Brown talks about how the Army has changed him and helped him grow as a person.

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Tyree: For the most part, it's pretty true. I was a shy guy. Kept to myself, so I probably wouldn't be a father nor a husband right now. If I hadn't joined the Army, I'd probably still live at home wishing I could do something better for myself.

Dad: He was a good kid, but he was a video geek. You know...a video game was his life.

Tyree: Telling my folks I signed up for the Army was...it was a little rough because I never really left the house. I've never really went anywhere...on my own.

Mom: "Hey, mom you got to let me go. You know I'm grown." And I'm like well, you can still be my baby...you know.

Dad: Ok, I understand that's your baby, but you got to look at him. He don't look like no baby to me.

Mom: I'm still working on the...the letting go part.

Tyree: I think before I joined the Army, they'd see your typical guy on the street. And they'd think, you know, young guy...has nothing going for himself, but now since I've experienced the Army. I've took what I've learned and applied it to myself on the outside. It's a totally different view that people see of me.

Dad: Once he got in that uniform...put that uniform on, it seemed like his mother and myself had to take a look. And I was like, this can't be the same young man that went in.

Mom: He came home and I was like wow. I mean he just stood taller.

Dad: It made him focus straight ahead on what he wanted to do.

Tyree: I used to second-guess myself a lot, but now being a leader in the Army. It gives you that confidence that you can do whatever you want to do and nothing can really stop you from doing it. And it's a pretty awesome feeling.