What Is Training Like?: Basic Training Q&A

SPC Eric Sherwood expresses his views on the level of difficulty for Basic Combat Training.

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Hi there, my name is Specialist Eric Sherwood. Brandon from Glendale, Arizona asks; "What is it like going through training, please don't give me answers the Army wants you to say, tell me how it actually is?"

Well Brandon, down here in Fort Benning, Georgia, training started off fairly hard, but they've slacked off a lot and its easier now.

The Army uses the 'KISS' method of training. Keep It Simple Stupid' they're training a lot of people and they got to do it fast.

As far as the physical aspect goes, there are minimum standards, you can find them on the Internet but getting to them is not that tough.

I wasn't in shape when I got here and I'm already scoring a 275 consistently on my PT Test. Good Luck to you and I know you can make it.