What Is the Army Like?: Basic Training Q&A

PVT Davis talk about various requirements of the Army and how to overcome them.

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Hello, I'm Private Davis here at basic training at Fort Jackson in South Carolina I have a question I'm going to answer on my paper it's from Yanin, Springdale, Arkansas, question is; "I want to join the Army, but I'm not exactly sure yet. I'd like to know how it's like there, what do you do there, is it hard?"

No, the Army is not hard at all; it's only hard if you make it hard. We do, we have three phases. Red, white and blue phase, there's different tasks that you have to do and different requirements that you have to make in each phase.

Gas chamber, obstacle courses, shooting your weapon, doing the Anzio here, jumping off of Humvees, shooting targets. It's not hard you just pick up the pieces when your down, pick it up, keep going, getting up early, and that's it, it's not hard at all.