Water Treatment Specialist (92W): Army Careers

Soldiers explain their roles as water treatment specialists in the U.S. Army and how their skills can be applied in the civilian world.

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SFC Michael Myer: During humanitarian missions or natural disasters there’s a lot of impurities in the water, debris and obstacles that this machine might encounter in order to purify the water. But due to the current technology that we have, we’re able to do this without too much of a hassle. Even if there’s no electricity in the local city, it’s self-sustained and you’ll be able to help the local populace with providing them with drinking water.

SGT Paul Kindzierski: We unpack the machine, we initially setup by putting our dolphin strainer into the river. We establish power, start up the generator, we establish our air pressure by firing up the air compressor and we energize the machine and start producing potable water.

SPC Kristopher Martin: You’re going to be doing a lot of work that’s keeping an Army moving as a 92 Whiskey. Nobody really notices it, nobody thinks about ‘oh, whose purifying my water, how am I getting water, that’s like ok cool. I got water to cook my food.’ They don’t really care, but you know you’re doing your job as a 92 Whiskey because nobody’s getting sick they don’t even have to care where the water is coming from because you got it for them. They are ready to go, you’re keeping them moving.

SGT Paul Kindzierski: Everybody needs water; water is the substance of life.