U.S. Army Strengthening America's Youth Committee Pentagon

The Strengthening America's Youth Committee (SAY) is an opportunity for the greatest minds in workforce development to meet and discuss how to facilitate the next generation of young leaders.

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Sound bite Mr. Davis  (MVI 4:47)

“We need to know our Army…We need to know the incredible men and women who dawn the uniform and wear the flag of our nation. “

“Ultimately that is what we are here to do, to find the means to success for Americas youth, that provides them the best opportunities.”      

[Soundbite Antonio Tijerino]

 “The SAY Committee is terrific because it’s an opportunity to meet with the greatest minds in the area of workforce development, youth development, leadership development...”

[Soundbite Col. Deydre Teyhen]

 “I’m really excited to be here today at the Strengthening America’s Youth Conference…figuring out how to partner with all those folks who are interested in developing our next generation of leaders.”

[Soundbite Jill Cook] 

“One of the things I really appreciate about the Army…bringing together this SAY committee is being able to share what the Army offers so that it will resonate with a young person and a student.”

[Soundbite SSG Pulivarti]

“What really helped me is the training that the Army has given me and the other opportunities it’s given me…can easily translate to civilian career fields. 

[Soundbite Antonio Tijerino]

“So number one we are promoting social innovation. We’re promoting social entrepreneurship and impact. But we’re also saying, so you can play a video game, think about developing a videogame and creating one, and think about a career in cybersecurity.” 

[Soundbite Tim Lawrence] 

“We’re thrilled to see that the Army is concentrating on certification. The Army is providing training that is…the latest in technology, the latest in equipment that our students are also going to be transitioning out of the Army with certifications that will matter to employers in the real world.” 

[Soundbite COL Martin] 

“What Americans get back are men and women who are self-reliant, self-sufficient, self-motivated, team oriented, mental and physically fit, they are leaders engendered by a set of values.” 

[Soundbite Col. Deydre Teyhen]

 “This partnership between the Army and all these other organizations provides a place for conversations and communication and to share ideas and actually to take that up to another level.”

[Soundbite LTC Crede Lyons] 

“Being a member of the greatest team in the world which is the United States Army is very gratifying in knowing that I can impact significant change in molding our future leaders of tomorrow.”

[Soundbite Tim Lawrence] 

“…every year as I leave the SAY meeting I leave with a new and renewed sense of purpose to share the story of what the Army is doing.”

[Soundbite Tim Lawrence] 

“Strengthening America’s Youth simply means opportunity.”