U.S. Army Medicine Brief: Educational Programs

Maj. Ezella Washington, DO, shares her experience with the U.S. Army’s Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP), which allowed her to graduate from medical school debt-free, work around the world and grow as a clinician. 


HPSP is just one of many U.S. Army programs that offers students in health care fields the opportunity to receive financial support for their education and residency, as well as world-class training and career opportunities.

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I am passionate about Army medicine. When I was initially in med school, I thought that I would just open a practice and work in a clinic somewhere, and instead, I've traveled halfway around the world. I come and do these college tours and I still get to work with patients, deliver babies, and it's just been the best opportunity.

I met a fellow student who is applying for the HPSP Scholarship— the Scholarship Program for Healthcare Professionals including medical, dental, physician's assistants, and nurses. It paid full medical tuition for all of my books, all of our fees, even for an osteopathic manipulative table.

HPSP isn't the only way the Army supports education, but if you're in residency or you're already a practicing physician, they have other programs tailored for loan repayment. Army Reserve Program where you're just called to duty a couple of times a month.

Not only does the Army allow me to be a mentor to our Soldiers and our own medical students, but it also allows me to come out to the schools, and tour, and be a mentor— not just as an Army physician.

Because the Army has given me the high quality training, it uses advanced technology, its innovative in its education and research, I could step out of this uniform today and work anywhere in the U.S.