U.S. Army College Leadership Tour

Opportunities present themselves to those who strive for greatness. Learn about the leadership atmosphere the Army is trying to foster on college campuses.

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[Soundbite COL. Chezem]

“There are opportunities that present themselves, but they only present themselves to those that strive for greatness.”

[Soundbite LT Celeste Diamond]

 “You hear the term leadership, but what the practice and the art of leadership is – a lot of small things.”

[Soundbite COL Chezem]

“The mission of ROTC is to develop what we call leaders of character.”

[Soundbite Cadet Nailing 22:54]

“I’m so confident going into the civilian workforce knowing that I have many marketable skills that the army has giving me by serving as an officer whether that’s being an overall leader and inspiring people…”

[Soundbite COL Chezem]

“Bottom line: I think every employer is going to look for somebody that can build a team, that can communicate effectively, that can solve problems and ultimately get results.”

[Soundbite LT Diamond]

“That’s something that the Army does, it trusts the younger people. It gives them responsibility.”

[Soundbite Cadet Nailing]

“As a four year ROTC cadet…I feel like I’m much more driven and more ready to approach the future…I’m making that commitment to myself and to my nation and to all the people I am accountable for.” 

[Soundbite LT Diamond 16:42]

“We have our values, you know, leadership, honor, respect, selfless service…”

Soundbite LT Diamond 17:28]

“The Army is something that I would encourage anybody who is thinking about joining to do because it takes people from different genders, to religions and races, puts them under the same uniform, asks them to do the same job, and then not only do the job, but be somebody.”