Unmanned Aircraft Systems Repairer (15E)

The unmanned aircraft repairer is primarily responsible for the maintenance functions on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. They keep the aircrafts ready to fly and ensure their ability to collect and transmit information.

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When time is of the essence and lives are at stake. Today’s Army relies on cutting edge technology and surveillance.

With eyes in the sky and hell fire on their wings, Unmanned aircraft systems, or UAS, play an important intelligence gathering role in the Army.

Maintaining this essential equipment, is the responsibility of the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Repairer.

Soldiers working in this career field have an interest in working with aircraft, shop mechanics, electronic equipment, mathematics, and the ability to work as a member of a team.

Due to the sensitive nature of this field, every potential recruit must be able to obtain  a Secret Clearance.

After successfully completing 10 weeks of Army Basic Combat Training, you will attend 17 weeks of Advanced Individual Training at Fort Huachuca, Arizona.
Where you will learn to perform maintenance on the aircraft’s optical payloads, weapons, radio frequency and takeoff and landing systems, while maintaining accurate logs.

You’ll also learn to repair the aircraft’s electrical, avionics, propulsion, communications and fuel systems.

As a UAS Repairer, you will have the opportunity to advance in your career through additional technical, tactical, and leadership training. As well as participate in unique assignments in the US and around the world.

The skills and knowledge you acquire may help you in your transition from the military to the civilian work force where you may find employment as a technician with the federal government or aircraft and military hardware manufacturers.
Turn your passion for cutting edge technology and aviation into a career as an Unmanned Aircraft Systems Repairer.