Types of Weapons I Will Use: Basic Training Q&A

PFC Debra Hammett says recruits work on marksmanship and various weapon exercises.

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Hi, I'm Private First Class Debra Hammett from Jacksonville, Florida I’m training currently at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri and today I have a question from Cody from Warren, Ohio and they would like to know; "I would like to get an idea of how often do you get to fire your weapon and work on marksmanship at basic training?"

Well, at basic training you get to shoot your rifle more than you would probably your whole entire military career. You get to qualify during BRM, you get to kick in doors, clear rooms, work on special types of missions. So you get to fire your weapon a lot you probably shoot of around, like I say, 2,000 rounds, you shoot off a lot of rounds. So there's plenty of time for you to work on marksmanship. You get to shoot other weapons too; you get to shoot M4. If you're a military police, you get to shoot a M9. You get to shoot a 249, grenade launcher, mark19. So you get a lot of experience with your weapon.