Tough Drill Sergeants: Basic Training Q&A

PVT Thomas Hawkins says that Drill Sergeants are tough on you to make you better.

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My name is Private Thomas Hawkins from Strasburg, Mississippi and I'm answering a question from Jasmine from Dothan, Alabama. Her question was; "Is basic training hard and are the drill sergeant tough?"

Basic training is as tough and as hard as you make it and the drill sergeants are tough on you, but they are only tough on you because they want you to meet a certain standard. And if you meet that standard, or if you try to push yourself past that standard, basic training becomes a lot less difficult for you. But it's not a cakewalk, if you push yourself pass that standard, or whatnot, everything will become a lot more easier for you. You joined the military not the cub scouts, so push yourself and you'll excel.