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Training to qualify as an Olympic-hopeful is no easy task. Specialist Tim Sherry, a member of the US Army Marksmanship Unit, exemplifies how the Army helps their Soldiers succeed. Soldiers showcase the importance of discipline, progressing, and achieving goals. As a result, these qualities can help provide a stable career you will love. Join our team and find out the life that awaits.

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Ever since I saw this sport—I saw it pretty early at a young age right when I started shooting—saw a couple Olympic gold medalists in the sport of shooting and really set the goal right off the bat to do that. So, this is a step toward the goal of winning Olympic medals and becoming the best in the world, which is the end goal. But in the meantime, I’ve wanted to be an Olympian for 15 years or so now, so it’d be a really awesome validation for some of my goals and all the work that I put in. I think I have the best job in the Army—I tell people that all the time. They’ve provided me so much with the sport and allowed me to actually be a contender and help push me towards me goal and be the best in the world. I never expected that to be the case, and a lot of people are surprised to hear that there’s such a niche thing in the Army as Olympic-style shooting, let alone a whole unit set aside to it. So, I think it just kind of opens up peoples’ eyes, being able to tell them what my job is in the Army and show them that there’s so many different things that don’t necessarily get talked about all the time, but just to explore all the different opportunities that there are in the Army.