Thinking of Joining?: Basic Training Q&A

SPC Zack Webb talks about joining the Army.

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Hello, my name is Specialist Zack Webb from Anderson, Indiana and I'm answering a question from Pedro from San Diego, California. Pedro asks; "What does it feel like to being in the Army, is there any advice you would give to someone who is thinking about joining?"

Well Pedro, the first step is obviously going to your recruiter. You talk to a recruiter; he's filled with a wealth of information. I was lucky in my recruiter was a very good friend of mine. He was able to sit down and over a couple of weeks, explain to me everything was going to be like from start to finish. From getting on the bus to coming to basic training to walking across the stage at graduation to what life would be like in the everyday Army. So that's your first step to talk to your recruiter.

Next is to talk to your family. Now ultimately it's you decision. But you need to be comfortable with their response and how they feel about it. And once you talk to your family, then you need to sit down by yourself and dig down deep and realize if this is what you want to do. And if that answer is "Yes, I want to join the United States Army," then by all means please do it. Because it's extremely rewarding experience and it's the best decision I ever made. So Pedro good luck to you.