The Soldier's Creed: Basic Training Q&A

PVT Slotter talks about the Soldiers’ Creed.

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Matthew from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, his question is; ‘Do you have to recite Soldiers' Creed in a group or alone?"

Usually it's in a group when you're outside standing at parade rest waiting by. Usually drill sergeant in the morning have you recite Soldiers' Creed before PT. Throughout the day they can have you do it in the beginning of basic and throughout the whole time you're here in basic training. You can do it individually too, if its part of one of your test that you'll be taking in basic. And if a drill sergeant just doesn't think you know it well, he'll pull you aside and just ask you to recite the Soldiers' Creed. So, if you're planning on joining, I suggest you start learning the Soldiers' Creed. Hope that answers your question Matthew.