The Road To Combat Documentation: Army Reserve

Specialist Gagan Dhiman talks about how recognition of his photography skills led him to become a combat documentation/production specialist for the U.S. Army Reserve.

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One of my platoon sergeants asked me if I can take photographs of the combative, you know, them doing the exercise. I brought my camera in, start taking some pictures. Word just spread like fire from there.

You know we have a PFC who can take some really good photographs. The commander calls me in, asks me if, you know, I’ll be interested in doing photography for the unit. And, you know, it was a great opportunity. I couldn’t pass it on and here I am sitting in a 25 victor slot.

Coming from India I never even imagined that I’ll be a photographer, let alone be a photographer for the, the US Army Reserve. And so it’s just truly a dream come true.