The Campus Cadre: Army ROTC

Soldiers describe the role of the Cadre and how they coach, teach and mentor cadets to become future leaders of the Army.

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I think the most important part of every ROTC program is the Cadre. They are men and women who have been around the world experienced very different things. They come from different backgrounds in terms of what they've done in their military career.

The role of the Cadre is really two fold. One is obviously the real world specific Army experience here's how you go out and do this specific task that you're going to have to do as an Army Officer and that's important to have the tools to go out and do the job every day. The Cadre brings that. But Army ROTC really has a whole person focus so it's important for the Cadre to not just come in and teach those tools pull out a manual and show somebody how to do something.

The Cadre they have a variety of roles to play, mentor, teacher, you know sometimes disciplinary, and you know they are all real personable; they're all real easy to talk to. They are really there to help us out - we're their first priority. They give a lot of feedback and I think that's important in becoming a leader.

They set us up to handle all situations by ingraining in us different leadership values, different moral beliefs, and then working in practical exercise and then applying these beliefs, and then working through physical things that we're going to see in the real world. They have so much experience in the military they have so much to offer so when they are teaching the classes they are not just showing the slides, they're sharing experience. So that's a great benefit to me because you know, that's my future.