The technical engineer supervises or participates in construction site development in areas such as technical investigation, surveys, drafts and construction plans/specifications. They conduct land surveys, make maps and prepare detailed plans for construction projects.

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Before any Army construction project can begin -- whether it’s breaking ground on a new hospital or office building, grading a road or airstrip, or installing water or fuel lines, land must first be surveyed, soil tested, and detailed plans drawn up. To provide critical data to the Construction Site Supervisor and provide the necessary technical support for both horizontal and vertical construction projects, the Army depends upon the specialized skills of the Technical Engineer.

Soldiers in this MOS are responsible for:  Performing field and laboratory tests on construction materials, surveys, and drafts; Drawing topographic maps and charts using Computer Aided Drafting systems and software; Conducting geodetic and construction surveys and analyzing the results with Automated Integrated Survey Instruments and GPS technology; Drawing diagrams for structural wiring and plumbing; And building scale models of land areas with hills, lakes, roads, and buildings. Candidates for this MOS should have computer skills; an interest in maps and charts; an aptitude for algebra, geometry, and trigonometry; and the ability to convert abstract ideas into drawings.

After successful completion of Basic Combat Training, you will attend 17 weeks of Advanced Individual Training at the U.S. Army Engineer School at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri... Where you will learn: surveying and drafting techniques, Aerial photo interpretation, Architectural and structural drawing, And to perform quality control inspections to check your work for accuracy. After successful completion of training, you will work supporting Army construction projects in the field, and around the world.

The technical, teamwork, and problem solving skills gained by serving in this MOS can help you transition to a civilian career. Providing key technical support for Army Construction Projects... Military Occupational Specialty: Technical Engineer.