Taking Your Career Where You Want It: Army Reserve

CPT Deveney Wall describes how the Army Reserve has provided her with the skills and support to help her pursue her career.
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After leaving the Army and becoming a civilian I wasn’t happy. It wasn’t exciting for me. I felt like I wasn’t accomplishing anything. I was able to look into the Army reserve to still be able to have that structure and serve and I can do it on my own terms. I have 11 years of service and 6 of them are Army reserve. When you’re leaving the service on active duty you need to seek out a reserve component career counselor. They’re the ones that can provide you with options, show you where units are, jobs and give you all the information on what you need. In the Army reserve the choices that you’re given to take your career down the path that you want are unlimited. You can go to as many schoolings as you want. There’s leadership schools, there’s technical schools. There’s always room for advancement. If there’s a person that wants to finish their degree the Army reserve is the best place to go. You’re going to get your tuition assistance on top of your GI Bill that you already have.

When you’re in the Army reserve you have your weekend drills or battle assemblies that you’re required to attend, but you also have your regular lives. Some people go to school full-time. Some people have jobs. While I’m in the Army reserve I also work for the government. And, I am a media relations specialist. So, I have a lot of interaction with the senior officials of the organization to prep them to speak to the media. When you get trained in the Army reserve in a skill and a function and you take that out to the civilian side that’s very marketable. When you’re on active duty you’ve learned this skill, this discipline, and I think it’d be a shame not to keep that going. And, if you’re in the Army reserve you’re able to still serve, but you’re able to explore those other opportunities that you may not have been given on active duty.

I am Captain Deveney Wall. I am a very proud member of the United States Army Reserve.