Student & Civilian Soldier: Army Reserve

SGT Anderson joined the Army Reserve to pay for college, but she also wanted a challenge. Now she’s gaining leadership skills to make her successful in her Army career and civilian life.
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SGT Autumn Anderson: The Army Reserve really attracted me because I could still go to college and I could still be an athlete and I could be in the military and have a military background as well as a civilian. Right now I'm a student at UNO, which is the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

I'm studying real estate and economics. I go to school Monday through Friday and have boxing practice in the evenings. The Army Reserve works really well with my civilian life, especially with my busy schedule.

When I look at my classmates I know that I'm just a little different - of course in a good way. I take my school really seriously. I want to learn. I want to know that I've had the best education.

The Army Reserve has helped me manage my time and my focus. I have my head on my shoulders, I'm determined, and I want to get it done because the Army has put me on the right path. I know I'm going to be successful, and the Army Reserve gave me that.