Stryker Systems Maintainer (91S)

The Stryker systems maintainer works as part of a team to maintain the Stryker family of vehicles and keep the vehicles and the operating systems running smoothly. 

Some of those vehicles include the M1128 Mobile gun system, the M1132 Engineer support vehicle, the M1133 Medical evacuation vehicle and the M1135 NBC recon vehicle.

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Military Occupational Specialty.

Stryker Systems Maintainer.

The Army relies on the Stryker vehicle for firepower, transportation of troops, and evacuation of injured personnel, and Soldiers in the Stryker Systems Maintainer MOS help keep the vehicle and its operating systems running smoothly.

After successfully completing 10 weeks of Army Basic Combat Training, you will attend 17 weeks of Advanced Individual Training at Fort Lee, Virginia..,

Where the Army will train you in troubleshooting and fault isolation and to repair or replace components such as engines, drive assemblies, brakes, steering assemblies, hydroneumatic systems, and select armament systems. You’ll also work on suspension systems, vehicular mounted armament and gun turret drive system as well as the fire control system.

You’ll also train to use different kinds of advanced test equipment such as multi-meters, and maintenance support devices—MSDs.

You’ll train as well to maintain and use precision hand tools, interactive electronic technical manuals—IETM—and schematic diagrams.

As part of your training on the environmental controls systems, you’ll need proficiency in air conditioner maintenance sufficient to earn EPA
Section 609 Certification.

Soldier discusses what attracted them to this MOS.

Instructor describes what type of Soldier will succeed in this MOS.

After your Advanced Individual Training, you’ll perform rewarding work where you will be assigned to a Stryker Brigade Combat Team where your duties may require you to replace power plants, recharge the AC system, and troubleshoot weapons systems.

In addition, you may test-drive vehicles and make necessary repairs utilizing forward support elements.

Serving as a Stryker Systems Maintainer can help you transition from the military to the civilian employment sector.

Because your skills in leadership, teamwork, and problem solving are skills and values in demand by civilian employers.

Soldier describes why they enjoyed the training.

Soldier describes how the skills in this MOS will help them succeed within the Army and beyond.

Being highly respected members of the Combined Arms Team, Soldiers in the Stryker Systems Maintainer MOS may be counted on to keep the Army rolling.

Military Occupational Specialty Stryker Systems Maintainer.