Straight from Basic Training, Ep. 6: Rifle Marksmanship

After carrying their weapons for weeks, the trainees get to practice basic rifle marksmanship and learn how to accurately fire their weapons.

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Hi, I’m Private Nathaniel Alejandro; I’m Specialist Christopher Wynn

Alejandro: This week we’ve been doing BRM training, which is Basic Rifle Marksmanship.

Wynn: I’ve never actually fired a weapon in civilian life, so right now I’m kind of one of the new comers.

Alejandro: I was definitely looking forward to coming to BRM it’s better than sitting in a classroom and taking notes it’s actual hands on training, and it’s actually fun.

Wynn: So really they teach us the fundamentals techniques of being in the prone supportive position, the prone unsupported position and the kneeling position, just different firing techniques to engage the enemy.

Alejandro: It was an adrenaline rush; you get so much from it, it’s like eating half a jar of honey.

Wynn: The first time I fired my M16 rifle I was so tense and nervous for the recoil when I shot it, it was easier than I thought. And it was also a pleasant surprise to know that I hit my first target for shooting for the first time.

Alejandro: The procedures are extremely easy to follow and if you get lost at any point not only are the Drill Sergeants next to you but the tower is giving you commands, step by steps also.

Wynn: The hardest part is the mental aspect of it. You really have to focus on the target at hand.

Alejandro: Safety is always a huge factor. Honestly they break it down to a third grade level.

Wynn: Safety is a must, when we’re using live ammunition so if one-person lifts their M16 up that’s what we call flagging. And flagging is putting a person in danger in being shot by a live round or placing their weapon in a dangerous position. Safety is a must out here.

Alejandro: When we first got this weapon I just looked at it as dead weight. We were carrying it, we were learning different positions, but we weren’t doing anything with it. But since we started BRM it’s like my best friend. I mean I know that thing can save my life, especially the lives of our fellow Soldiers.

Wynn: I’m really confident tomorrow I will qualify, and be one of those guys rooting my battle buddies on from the sideline.