Special Forces Candidate (18X)

Special Forces candidates are given the opportunity to become a member of one of the most highly skilled combat forces in the world. But they must complete and endure the extensive mental/physical training in order to join the Army elite.

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Our world is becoming increasingly dangerous as traditional governments are failing and oppressive regimes take their place spreading chaos and turmoil.

Today’s warfighter must continue to adapt to unfamiliar environments and technological advancements used by our adversaries in ungoverned areas.

It is exactly in these ungoverned areas of the world where Army Special Operations Forces operate and excel – known around the globe as Green Berets, each Special Forces Soldier possesses unique skills and qualifications to maintain a continuous presence overseas making them the force of choice for any contingency.

Green Berets are individually selected and specially trained through the Army’s most rigorous selection program. The first step required to embark on this journey is to volunteer, and then, never quit. A true quiet professional knows that wearing the Green Beret says more about you than you could ever say about yourself.

Enlisted volunteers must complete Basic Combat Training, followed by Advanced Individual Training and Airborne School, before they can attend the Special Forces Assessment Selection or SFAS. SFAS is also where Soldier volunteers from within the Army ranks begin their path to becoming a Green Beret.

Completion of SFAS leads to entry into Special Forces Qualification Course, or “Q” course.  The Q course consists of six phases: Orientation, Small Unit Tactics, Military Occupational Specialty training for officers; (pause) NCO’s or enlisted volunteers receive training in Unconventional Warfare, Language, and Military Free Fall. For Military Occupational Specialty training, Officers focus on leadership planning and NCOs or enlisted volunteers receive specialty training on Weapons, Engineering, Medical, or Communications, dependent on Soldier aptitude.  

This training is intense and designed to test the whole person – not just strength or tactical skills, but also intellectual and social skills. Tactical unconventional skills required to coerce, disrupt, or work with a Guerilla Force in the overthrow of a hostile government or occupying power are cornerstones of the training. Upon completion of training a Soldier will have earned the right to wear the Green Beret.

Upon completion of the Q-Course, new Green Berets are assigned to an Operational Detachment Alpha, or ODA, which is comprised of 12 Soldiers, each with a specific skill and duty.

With a rewarding career path like no other, Special Forces Soldiers are also given ample opportunities for advancement and additional training which includes: HALO, Scuba, and other advanced training (Intel, Surveillance, THOR 3, and civilian clothes type footage here).

On an ODA, your newly acquired skills are put to the test as you bond with your new team. You will be expected to adapt to any situation from operating in a denied area as part of a small team to advising diplomats and interagency partners within an embassy. You will work hard, train hard, and depend on each other to accomplish the mission, regardless of where it may take you. Throughout this journey, your SF (teammates) will become your second family creating a timeless unbreakable bond.

The need is great for those who can rise to the challenge, we are looking for volunteers who possess courage, integrity, perseverance, and the desire to answer the calling of the Soldier Elite – De Oppresso Liber  … To Free the Oppressed.

United States Army Special Forces. Embrace the Challenge!

Are you up to the Challenge?