Signal Support Systems Specialist (25U)

Signal support systems specialists are primarily responsible for working with battlefield signal support systems and terminal devices. This equipment needs to consistently work in order for the Army to direct the movement of its troops.

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Communication and information systems are key components of battlefield operations.

From radio transmitters that allow units to exchange enemy target information, to the computer and network systems that allow commanders to stay informed, and to track and direct their troops’ movement.

This vital signals support equipment must work consistently and reliably. To keep its forces connected, the Army depends upon the skills of the Signal Support Systems Specialist.

Soldiers in this MOS install, deploy, maintain, troubleshoot, and assist with communications equipment within the Tactical Operations Center, Command Post, and vehicle platforms.

These include Battle Command Systems, Communications & Electronic equipment, Communications Security devices, telephone wires, Local Area Networks, and routers.

Candidates for this MOS should have good problem-solving skills, an interest in working with electronic equipment.

And the ability to obtain a Secret Security Clearance.

After successful completion of Basic Combat Training, you will attend 20 weeks of Advanced Individual Training at Fort Gordon, Georgia.

Where you will learn:

Electrical principles
Preventative maintenance procedures
Wiring techniques
Communication security policies and procedures

After successful completion of training, you may work supporting Army operations in the field, where you may be responsible for:

Maintaining radio and data distribution systems, performing signal support functions and technical assistance for computer systems,

Providing technical assistance and training for local area networks, maintaining equipment, terminal devices, assigned vehicles, and power generators.

The skills, discipline, and leadership experience gained by serving in this MOS can help you transition to a civilian career.

An essential part of Army Signal Corps operations.

Military Occupational Specialty: Signal Support Systems Specialist.