Signal Support Systems Specialist (25U): Army Careers

SGT Butterfield talks about the importance of keeping the lines of communication open for Soldiers in her role as a signal support systems specialist (25U).
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I am Sergeant Katherine Butterfield. I am a 25 Uniform (25U), which is a Signal Support Systems Specialist.

As a 25 Uniform my job description entails working on radios. If a radio goes down it's my job to find it and fix it or send it to the right people to fix.

When I was deployed it was very very important that I did my job, like filling the radios and making sure everything was on the right dial or connected to the right port, because if Soldiers went out on a convoy or just daily sweeps and their radios went down because of my neglect, that left them in a very very bad situation, because they couldn't be able to contact even the truck in front of them or behind them or their home base. So I was always making sure that everything that I was doing was what I was supposed to do, to make sure that everybody was ok.

Even though you're worried about your family back home, and they're worried about you, you got this family right next to you that is doing the same thing you are, and they're trying to make sure everything is ok.