Short Range Air Defense System Repairer (94T)

As an essential member of the Army’s weapons maintenance team, the short range air defense system repairer is primarily responsible for performing and supervising maintenance on the AVENGER system, a lightweight, highly mobile and transportable surface-to-air missile/gun weapon system that provides short-range air defense protection against air and land attacks.

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Maintaining the Army’s sophisticated state-of-the-art short-range air defense weapons systems are the most highly trained technically and tactically proficient professional soldiers in the world. Playing a vital role in the defense of the nation, these soldiers are an essential part of the army’s weapons maintenance team.

As a short-range air defense systems repairer, you will be responsible for servicing maintaining and repairing complex anti-aircraft equipment and weapons systems used to secure battlefield airspace and protect ground forces.

This army career requires individuals who enjoy working with their hands on highly technical electronic and mechanical systems, possess critical thinking skills and attention to detail, have a propensity for mathematics and problem-solving, and understand complex blueprints, wiring diagrams and schematics.

Soldier: “The importance of this job in the Army is to keep the skies clear from any enemy attacks.”

Soldier: “Troubleshooting, maintenance, everything, we work on it all.”

Your primary duties as a short range air defense system repairer will include servicing and maintaining, the army’s current primary air-defense system, the Avenger. The Avenger anti-aircraft system consists of mounted ready-to-fire stinger missile launchers and a .50 caliber machine gun, along with forward-looking infrared radar, optical sights and a laser range finder. This mobile, shoot on the run surface to air missile and gun weapon system is used to defend against enemy low-flying cruise missiles and enemy aerial vehicles helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.

As a short-ranged aerial systems repairer, you will perform quality control measures, inspections and maintenance adjustments on test equipment, determine system shortcomings and malfunctions, and remove and replace defective gear assemblies and interconnecting cables.

Soldier: “Your training in AIT will teach you the basics of the system, how the schematics, how everything works. And then once you get to your first duty station, you will learn more in-depth systems and working in a field environment.”

After completion of ten weeks of army basic combat training, you’ll be assigned to the US army ordnance school at Fort Lee, Va, for seventeen weeks of Advanced Individual Training.

Your training will begin with basic electronic maintenance, then progress into technical and mechanical classroom courses with labs as well as training in a tactical field environment. After completion of your training, you’ll be eligible for worldwide assignment, where you may work in a maintenance shop, or deploy in a tactical field environment.

You’ll also be eligible for additional professional development courses, and technical training which will enhance your knowledge and leadership skills.

Soldier: “This job prepares you for  a civilian career by giving you the basic knowledge of schematics and the way energy and electricity works. It’ll help you out in just about any job you could possible do outside of the Army.”        

The Army skills, knowledge and experience you gain as a short range air defense systems repairer, will help you in your transition from the military to the civilian workforce, where you may find employment in electronics and mechanical maintenance career fields.

Short range air defense systems repairer. Keeping the Army in Action.