Serving in the Army Reserve: Signal Officer

Captain Black talks about how the Army Reserve teaches teamwork and how that teamwork is essential for a civilian career.

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What transferable skills has the Army Reserve taught you? 

So, I would say one of the most transferable skills that you could learn is teamwork. You know, I take for granted the fact that I was a high school and college athlete, so I already learned how to be on a team. Not everyone played sports in high school or college, and so the first time that they have to learn how to be accountable to a group, in a group, is in the Army. And so it’s amazing to see how people have been able to take that small unit, those small unit skills in terms of cohesion and teamwork, and apply that to their life. I talk to a lot of Soldiers who you know say ‘man, is this what it’s like to be on a team?’ And I’m like, ‘yes’. You know, again, I take it for granted because I was a quote/unquote jock in high school and college, but you know a lot