Serving in the Army Reserve: Signal Officer


Captain Black talks about how the Army Reserve has provided him tremendous benefits, including important skills and experience that he was able to apply to his civilian career.

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How has the Army Reserve benefited you?

So the best part of the Army Reserve is that it lets you combine the best of both worlds. You know our mandate is technically one weekend a month, two weeks out of the year. It’s a little bit more than that honestly, but you know what, you want to give a little bit more than that because you enjoy it so much. So you do get with your Soldiers, you know, outside of the regular weekend, you do a little bit more, you do have your school but these are all benefits to you. So for me, the Army gave me the opportunity to get an advanced course in leadership. I was able to be a commander, and you know, that’s better than any type of masters class on leadership that you’re gonna find on any campus. So there are so many things that you get the opportunity to do in the Army that can add to your civilian career. For me it was leadership. I was really, I became a great leader in the Army and I was able to really add that leadership experience into my civilian life so you get the best of both worlds. One is going to add to the other and the other is going to add to the one.