Service In Civilian Life: An Army Reserve Story

Sabrina Berg explains the importance of being a Supervisory Entry Specialist with U.S. Customs and Border Protection and how her U.S. Army Reserve skills help.

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US Customs and Border Protection is the face of the border for the United States and the Department of Homeland Security. We facilitate legitimate trade and travel while protecting our borders from weapons of mass destruction, narcotics, and illegal currency. As a supervisor entry specialist for the port of Charleston, I would be able to go out to the dock terminals and I would work hand in hand with the customs and border protection officers and the agriculture specialists. We are the heart of the income into the United States or trade. We bring in billions of dollars into the US economy.

The great thing about the Army Reserve and US customs and border protection is many of the duties I’ve done in one position I can apply to the other position. Whether it be public speaking, management organization, both of these agencies require that skillset.

I do believe that I have excelled in my civilian career due to the work that I’ve done in the Army Reserve. I keep myself composed; I apply emotional intelligence, which I’ve picked up a lot in the Army Reserve.

Those skills: the organizational skills, the leadership skills, the management, it is nothing that you can be taught. It’s experience. And the Army Reserve has given me so much opportunity to really understand what I’m capable of.