Self Preparation: Basic Training Q&A

PVT Cade gives guidance on how to prepare for becoming a Soldier.

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My name is Private Cade, I'm from Schenectady, New York and Alex from Monroe, New York asks; "What can I do to mentally, physically and emotionally prepare myself to become a Soldier?"

Well Alex, to mentally and physically prepare yourself, probably on your free time probably workout a little, do push-ups, sit-ups here and there. I would definitely stay with the running; I would run every other day as far as you can. That at least is what I did before I went off to basic.

For emotionally its kind of hard to prepare yourself emotionally cause everyone gets homesick, everyone, they miss their family or girlfriend or wife or whatever you have.

But for me, I keep a picture of me and my girlfriend with me in my ACU whenever I leave. And that's really it. Just keep your head up and stay strong and you'll get through.