Self Improvement: Army Reserve

Soldiers describe the Army Reserve as a life-changing opportunity that gave them careers, helped them achieve goals, exceed standards, teach themselves new limits, and learn new leadership skills.

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Staff Sgt. Marlene Garcia: I was a sophomore in college, just working at a shoe store not really doing anything with my life and I knew that wasn’t for me. I wanted to have a career and I wanted to be someone, and also help other people.

Maj. Otto Padron: I realized that I hit a fork in the road and this was the great opportunity and a great avenue to achieve my goals.

Staff Sgt. Michael Devaughn: If you want to exceed the standard, go into the Army Reserve, cause they’ll take your standards and bring your from here at one level and bring you up.

Maj. Otto Padron: The Army Reserve gives me an opportunity to continually teach myself what my limits are and then take those limits and then push them a little bit further out.

Staff Sgt. Marlene Garcia: Basic training actually taught me that no matter how tall the obstacle is as long as I put my mind to it I’m gonna achieve it.

Staff Sgt. Michael Devaughn: Being in the Army Reserve, it allows me to pay for college myself. I mean that’s one stress that I don’t need from school is owing all this money.

Maj. Otto Padron: I stay in the Army Reserve today because it allows me an opportunity to work and continue to work on the skill that I think is most valuable in my job, which is to be a leader.

Staff Sgt. Michael Devaughn: The Army Reserve fits me really well. I don’t have to do the Army everyday, but you know, that one weekend I still look forward to it. I mean it’s great.

Staff Sgt. Marlene Garcia: When I first got in the Army Reserve, I knew that this was for me. It gave me a sense of being a part of family that I knew that I was going to have for the rest of my life.