Running Distance: Basic Training Q&A

PVT Thomas Ervin talks about running during Basic Combat Training.

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Hey, this is Private Thomas Ervin from Jackson, Tennessee I'm here to answer a few questions for you. Got a question from Joseph from Fort Worth, Texas, he asks; "How far do you run when you first get to basic training?"

That was a big question in myself, cause I used to play football a lot but I was never a big runner. I would run every now and then. I'd run one to two miles a day but I still hated to run; it just never was my thing. When we first got in, we did what you call a one-one-one assessment. You do a one mile run, one minute of sit-ups and one-minute of push-ups. Basically you start out doing one-mile, and you breakup in groups of A, B, and C groups. A group of course being the fastest, B being fairy good and C being the more slower pace.

We started out running at least a mile, a mile every other day. Now we've worked up to two to three miles a day. It all depends on your pace, after you take the one-one-one assessment, they'll put you in the right group you want to be in. But it's no, I was always told 15, 20 miles runs a day but it's nothing like that. They don't just throw you out there to run so many miles a day; they gradually work you up where you need to be. And now I'm able to run, we ran a troop run I think it was a little over three miles and I'm able to do that strong and I got a great two mile run. They've definitely built me up and put me where I need to be. So I definitely encourage if your looking into joining, go ahead and do a little physical training on your own, run on your own. I highly encourage that actually and don't let the PT scare you away, don't let the running scare you away. Cause that was another reason that kind of held me from joining, because I knew I couldn't run. But it's definitely, they'll work you where you need to be. And I hope that answers all your questions, thanks.