Road to Becoming a 92 Golf, Culinary Specialist

Staff Sergeant Minika Baldwin talks about her role as a Food Service Specialist (92G) in the U.S. Army. Learn about her story and how she goes about preparing meals for Soldiers.

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[Soundbite Baldwin]

“I’m Staff Sergeant Minika Baldwin, a 92 Gulf or Food Service Specialist in the United States Army.”

[Soundbite Baldwin]

“The Food Service Specialist is responsible for feeding the troops, breakfast, lunch and dinner, sometimes midnight meals.”

[Soundbite Baldwin]

“I think the Army’s training is definitely topnotch and second to none.”

“We learn chopping, dicing, slicing, sautéing, frying, roasting, basting, baking.” 

“It’s about taking things to the next level.”

[Soundbite Baldwin]

“I have nine technical certifications when it pertains to food service.” 

“I did an associate’s degree in general studies. I’m working on my bachelor’s degree in food service management.”

“All paid for by the Army.”

[Soundbite Baldwin]

“We have the opportunity to attend Advanced Culinary Training Course where you learn all types of different skills as far as making stocks, meat fabrications and ice sculptures and cake design.” 

“We have proven ourselves to be able to compete with people across the world and win when it comes to food service.”

“And being food service we can earn certifications through the American Culinary Federation that will prepare us for food service in the civilian sector.”

“We have great leaders who believe in us and give us the opportunity to explore and try new things and we’re able to just create magic.”

“We can do anything in the Army.”