Returning to the Army Reserve: Army Reserve

SPC Michael Olivero talks about why he went back to the Army after Active Duty. Army Reserve was a way to experience the Army while keeping his civilian lifestyle.
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I helped out on 9/11. I went down to ground zero. That's the time when I wanted to go back into the military. That's when it started. And then finally a few months ago my wife said, "You know what? Here's a recruiter's number. Go ahead and give him a call, see what he can offer you."

I came back into the Army Reserve because I want to do my part. I have two sons aged two and five. I hope to provide for them a good example of what it's like to be a Solider or a man or a citizen. To show them, "Hey this is the right way to do things."

The Army Reserve was a way to get back into the Army without having to be on Active Duty.

Now I'm in the Army Reserve. I'm a Military Intelligence Analyst. My motivation the day that I left [Active Duty] I wanted to be back in the military. I really missed the camaraderie.

Here we are at the Commander's Challenge. We're going to spend the better part of twelve hours out here firing up the range. It's a competitive event. There are about two, three hundred people participating.

The Commander's Warrior Challenge was designed to give our average Soldier the opportunity to increase their level of marksmanship. And when you tell a Soldier, "What would you like to do? Would you like to spend a day in the office or spend a day on the range?" Every Soldier is going to tell you, "I want to be on the range."

The people that I work with, the unit, our mission, is something much bigger than any one person. When we drill together and we do our jobs, when we deploy, we're doing something that no one of us can do by ourselves.

When I say that I'm part of a bigger team, that's exactly what it is. I'm part of something a lot bigger than me.