Psychological Operations

Psychological Operations Soldiers are influence experts, who assesses the information needs of a target population and craft messaging to influence and engage target audiences.

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Psychological Operations has consistently been important throughout the history of warfare using messaging and physical observables in order to change behavior in foreign target audiences in order to achieve a military objective. And while we are trying to use the same objective of changing behavior, there’s other aspects to it that are kind of evolving.

These are means to achieve our strategic objectives without loss of life and that goes to the basis of why I joined Psychological Operations.

It was more of a challenge. I wanted to go further, I really wanted to take service to another level.

The PSYOP preparation in the battlefield is that it has to begin before the war starts. Before you begin to prepare the battlefield psychologically. It takes time, it takes some effort, and it needs to begin as early as possible. It’s really too late to wait until the first round is fired.

Psychological Operations managed to convince the entire conventional Army of Iraq to defect, so when our forces went in, they were fighting the extremists, the Republican Guard, the harden troops, but the regular Army said “you know what, I agree with you guys, there is no sense in fighting the United States”.  How many lives were saved? How many people get to go back to their families? It’s incalculable, but it’s there and it’s super important.

If you are interested in language, culture, working with State Department, a whole government approach to warfare and the new age way of fighting, I think PSYOP is definitely something you should look into.