President's Hundred Tab: Army Overview

The President’s Hundred tab is worn by the elite Soldiers who qualify as one of the top 100 shooters in pistol and rifle marksmanship. This tab marks back to the 1800's and anyone (including civilians) can win this tab.

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I’m SFC Lance Dument, an 11 Bravo, and I have the President’s Hundred Tab. My name is SPC Amanda Elsenboss, 91 Kilo Army Repair, and I have the President’s Hundred Tab. The President’s Hundred Tab dates back to the 1800’s, and it’s always been a competitive marksmanship award. In order to earn the President’s Hundred Tab, or actually to be more accurate, to win the President’s Hundred Tab, you have to place in the top 100 competitors at the National Championship in the President’s Hundred match. Everyone is eligible to win the President’s Hundred Tab; you can be in the military, a civilian, a junior shooter, a retired person. And females and males compete on the exact same levels for the National Champions and the President’s Hundred. I always saw the top-level marksmen were all President’s Hundred member and that to mean is kind of the note that says, hey, you want to be a part of this group. You’re gonna have to perform, you’re gonna have to do well. Personally, the biggest challenge for myself winning the President’s Hundred Tab was keeping myself calm and composed during the President’s Hundred match. It’s the first match of the Nationals and it sets the tone for how you’re going to do at the Nationals. You’re all in, you’re betting everything on every shot. One poor shot, one lapse in concentration and you’re out. When I first made the President’s Hundred I was extremely happy. I’d been working at it for three years at the National level and it’s a match that means a lot. Being a Soldier that wears the President’s Hundred Tab, a lot of times people will ask me, you know, what is that, or how did you earn that or how did you get that, and it gives me a chance to introduce them to some competitive marksmanship that they might not have known about.