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Army plumbers and pipe fitters are responsible for installing and repairing plumbing and pipe systems.

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Modern reliable facilities are crucial in supporting the training and battlefield operations of the U.S. Army.  Plumbers are invaluable assets that ensure buildings, structures and support systems are operating reliably and efficiently. Army plumbers are responsible for installing and repairing water, gas, and petroleum pipeline systems.

As a Plumber, you may maintain, install or repair, pressurized water systems, basic water supply and distribution systems, pipe systems for waste water, valves and fixture control devices. You may also inspect plumbing systems and components for proper installation, install cast iron, copper and plastic pipes and fittings or draw a plumbing job plan and materials list. This career field requires individuals who enjoy working with their hands and have an interest in plumbing, math and shop mechanics, have a preference for physical work and possess the ability to work with detailed plans.

After successfully completing Basic Combat Training, you will attend 6 weeks of Joint Services Advanced Individual Training at Sheppard Air Force Base in Texas. There you will learn how to install and repair a variety of pipe systems, threading and soldering techniques, the use of plumbing, masonry and carpentry tools and the installation, operation, maintenance and repair of hydraulic and pneumatic systems. You may also be eligible for additional professional development courses and technical training which will enhance your knowledge and leadership skills. The skills, knowledge and experience you gain as a Plumber may help you in your transition from the military to the civilian work force where you may start your own plumbing business, or find employment with a mechanical or plumbing company, or in building maintenance.

Playing a critical role in Army operations is a Plumber.