Physician Assistant: Army Careers

CPT Holland, a physician assistant at Brooke Army Medical Center, discusses taking care of Soldiers and the many educational opportunities available on the Army health care team.

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My professional life in the Army is one in which I get to take care of Soldiers everyday. I mean there’s nothing more gratifying to me than that.

The Army is currently as of right now, the only program with a Doctor of Clinical Science.

When I went through the Army Interservice Physician Assistant Program, known as IPAP. Where I earned bachelors and a masters degree in Physician Assistant studies. It’s a very wide range of opportunities to learn and excel and at the same time to help people.

I’m taking care of everything from a minor scratch to a local national who goes into cardiac arrest. So I would say that it’s a very cohesive team with one goal in mind, which is taking care of Soldiers.