Phases of Basic Training: Basic Training Q&A

SPC Nigel Perkins talks about the different phases of Basic Combat Training.

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Hello, my name is Specialist Nigel Perkins from Washington D.C. and I'm answering a question from Haley from Amity, Oregon and her question is; "When you first start basic training how hard is it and after time will it get easier?"

When you first get to basic training you start off in "Red Phase." Red phase tends to be more difficult. That is when it is pretty much your drill sergeants and they're focus on getting the team and team building. After that it'll be "White Phase." That's when it gets a little bit easier. That's when you start developing your student leaders. So a lot of the pressure starts lifting off the drill sergeants and it starts becoming more student orientated. After that it's "Blue Phase" where pretty much it's private orientated. The privates are basically in control of your training. You're pretty much already working as a team and you're working without your drill sergeants. Your drill sergeants are there mostly as just a reference or a guide. And after that is your "Graduation Phase" where you're pretty much just getting ready to graduate. So the first couple of weeks are difficult. Just stay in there and the last couple of weeks just tough it on out.