PFC Mathew Jackson Optical Lab Specialist

Private First Class Matthew Jackson IV is an optical laboratory specialist. Learn about how he fulfilled his family’s legacy by following their footsteps with a career in the U.S. Army.

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I am PFC Matthew Jackson IV and I am 68H which is an optical laboratory specialist.

I have always been fascinated with glasses and the anatomy of eyes.

I chose to be a 68H because I really wanted to be in the medical field in the Army.

[it’s] a two-year college course – we shrunk that down into six months. The courses that we took were free and they do transfer over to college courses.

I am very proud to be a U.S. Army soldier…Both my mother and father were in the Army and both in medical, so I am fulfilling that legacy by doing the same thing as them – following their footsteps.

I love learning about eyes and how they work. They provide the window to the world and the Army will provide me the opportunity to see the world…through my glasses.