Petroleum Supply Specialist (92F)

Petroleum supply specialists are primarily responsible for supervising and managing the reception, storage and shipping of bulk or packaged petroleum-based products.

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Military Occupational Specialty.

Petroleum Supply Specialist. Today’s Army requires fuel to meet its missions, and this MOS supplies it.

Soldiers will operate the Digital Training Enabler and Interactive Multimedia Instruction in order to learn how refueling systems and equipment are assembled sequentially. Through technology,  Soldiers are able to gain knowledge that is self-correcting prior to conducting hands on training in the Petroleum Training and Military In The Field Facilities

After successfully completing 10 weeks of Army Basic Combat Training, you will attend X weeks of Advanced Individual Training at Fort Lee, Virginia..,

The Army will train you to load and unload bulk fuel, supply and store it from a variety of sources.  Soldiers will perform quality surveillance, and distribute it to keep the Army in a high state of readiness. It’s crucial for the Army to operate and maintain petroleum distribution equipment for the loading and offloading of fuel from rail cars, fuel tankers, and barges to fuel our combat equipment.

You’ll also train to operate and maintain a variety of fuel pumps, repair stationary fuel storage depots, install bulk petroleum storage systems and tactical storage systems, which are major components of the Inland Petroleum Distribution System.

In addition, you’ll train to ensure product quality and equipment are serviceable daily by performing preventative maintenance checks and services.

Today’s Soldiers will learn to deploy the Modular Fuel System, Tank Rack Modules that provides a means for receipt and storage of bulk petroleum to be issued to combat forces.

Soldiers will be capable of operating the Twin Agent Unit in order to put out fires that ensures safe petroleum operations.

Soldier will discuss what attracted them to this MOS i.e. experience, training, college credit, and certifications for their civilian careers in Petroleum.

Instructor describes what type of Soldier will succeed in this MOS. Explain how Military Experience and Certifications qualify them for civilian employment as a Petroleum Professional worldwide

After your advanced individual training, you’ll perform rewarding work in the field or at a fixed location where your duties will be to record the issue of all the petroleum products under your responsibility. Your duties will include to inspect storage areas and repair them for inspections

Serving as a Petroleum Supply Specialist can help you transition from the military to the civilian employment sector because your abilities, leadership, teamwork, and problem solving skills.  These values are in high demand by civilian employers for the foreseeable future.

Soldier describes why they enjoy training.

Soldier describes how the skills in this MOS will help them succeed within the Army and beyond.

Petroleum Supply Specialists play a critical role in keeping the Army on the go. So join us in Military Occupational Specialty, Petroleum Supply Specialist.