Passing BCT If You're Out of Shape: Basic Training Q&A

PFC Sample discusses physical fitness at Basic Combat Training.

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Hi, my name is Private First Class Sample, and I'm from Venica, California and I'm going to be answering a question from Dillon from Bonney Lake, Washington, "Is it possible from someone totally out of shape to pass basic training?"

When you arrive here all the drill sergeants know that you are not completely in shape and you're in civilian mentality so they know what to do.

When you first get here your completely distraught and they have procedures and tactics that you will be able to meet requirements for the standard Physical Army Test and when I first got here I could only do six push-ups and I ended up doing 30 in the end on my last PT test like two weeks ago.

So, don't worry about not being in shape you will make it perfectly fine.