Getting Into Shape: Basic Training Q&A

PVT Anthony Avalos says every recruit does push-ups, sit-ups and running during Basic Combat Training.

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Hi, I'm Private Anthony Avalos from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, and I'm about to graduate from Basic training here at Fort Knox, Kentucky.

Ross from Bethel, Ohio, asks: "If you're a little overweight, will you get into shape during basic training?"

Well Ross yes, you will get into shape. You will do plenty of PT here; I guarantee it. You will do a lot of running, a lot of push-ups, and a lot of sit-ups. But a lot of that's going to rest on you too, to get yourself into shape. Do a lot of running before you get here to basic training, do a lot of push-up and sit-ups to make sure that you can pass the standards here, and you should have no problem getting into shape here at basic. I hope that answers your question Ross.