Overcoming Fear of Heights: Basic Training Q&A

PVT Toby Lane talks about overcoming fear of heights during Basic Combat Training.

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My name is Private Toby Lane I'm from Dandridge, Tennessee and Reed from Cleveland, Ohio wants to know; "How can I overcome my fear of heights when repelling from the tower?"

I would say heights is not my favorite but I do ok with them but the way I overcome it the way I found to overcome it was once I was in the harness and I leaned back out the tower and realized that I was safe and secure as you start down the tower you feel the flow of the ropes and how you come down you come to realize you're not in as much danger as you think and you become comfortable with it but if I was going to try to overcome my fear before I got here I would get near stuff that are high its just something you have to do repeatedly and you slowly adjust to it.