Orthopedic specialist (68B)

The orthopedic specialist assists with management of orthopedic clinic, or assists in treatment of patients with orthopedic conditions and injuries, under the supervision of an orthopedic physician, orthopedic physician assistant, or podiatrist.

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One of the most fulfilling careers choices you could make is that of giving care and treatment to our service members and their families. As an Orthopedic Specialist, you will be making a direct contribution to the health and welfare of people on a daily basis. You will assist with the management of an orthopedic clinic, and in the treatment and care of patients with muscular-skeletal conditions and injuries. Your duties may also include removing sutures, staples, or pins, the application, and removal of casts and bandages, setting up for sterile and non-sterile procedures and assisting in orthopedic surgery. You may also assist podiatrists with the treatment of foot and ankle conditions and injuries.

This career field, requires individuals who enjoy helping others, who are interested in anatomy and physiology, have an ability to follow spoken instructions and detailed procedures and possess good hand-eye coordination.

After successfully completing Army Basic Combat Training, you will attend 8 weeks of Advanced Individual Training at Fort Sam Houston, Texas. There, you will be instructed on procedures for patient care, assisting the orthopedic surgeon and the orthopedic clinic, providing medical care and proper casting procedures. You will then attend 6 additional weeks at one of 6 phase 2 sites located across the United States where you will work directly with Soldiers and civilians in Army hospitals.

Following your successful completion of all required training, you may be eligible for assignment at military medical facilities located around the world. As a Soldier, you may also have the opportunity to further your military and civilian education with additional specialized training, or through college courses. Your military experience may help in your transition from the military to the civilian work force where you may choose to pursue a career with hospitals, clinics, or in assisting orthopedic or podiatric doctors in private practice.

The Orthopedic Specialist performs a vital role in support of the Army’s mission.