On Post: Sports Activities

SPC Ellington and SPC Pratt-Majesky talk about some of the different activities they enjoy on an Army installation like horseback riding, white-water rafting and rock climbing.

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Specialist Frederick Ellington: Hi, I'm Specialist Frederick Ellington.

Specialist Joseph Pratt-Majesky: My name is Specialist Joseph Pratt-Majesky.

When you're at work, you're a Soldier, but when you're off, you have the freedom to do anything you want.

Specialist Frederick Ellington: To live on a Post, you have a lot of fun, there's a lot of activities around that you can participate in.

(At the ranch) Whose idea was it to go horseback riding? Where are the lame horses?

Specialist Joseph Pratt-Majesky: That one's mine, don't you remember?

I think I'm about to have some fun!

Specialist Frederick Ellington: Everybody mounted those horses and was sittin' still. I don't know... I'm scared!

Specialist Joseph Pratt-Majesky: So what about Specialist Bullock, stopping by making fun of you, that you can't ride a horse?

Specialist Frederick Ellington: I've never been on a horse, ever!

He said I couldn't ride a horse, but actually I did ride a horse... So he stands corrected on that.

Whoah, horsie!

Specialist Joseph Pratt-Majesky: Most of the activities that I find are on Post, but obviously you can't do whitewater rafting on Post so you can do that off Post.

Specialist Frederick Ellington: Did you have fun last weekend?

Specialist Joseph Pratt-Majesky: Oh, you're talking about when we went rafting?

(flash-back to gearing up for rafting with fellow Soldier) I think it's going to be a fun experience. I'm ready for it.

Specialist Joseph Pratt-Majesky: (reminiscing) Oh, I had a blast! The water was going everywhere, all over my face...

Specialist Frederick Ellington: What about the water fight at the end? It was crazy! Were the girls aggressive?

Specialist Joseph Pratt-Majesky: Oh, yes, they were yelling and screaming and running around all crazy-like.

Female Soldier in life vest: It was awesome! (being pushed by another Soldier and falling into the shallows)

Specialist Joseph Pratt-Majesky: That was awesome.

Specialist Frederick Ellington: (reminiscing) Archery - that was not my sport!

(at the archery range) I'm terrible at this, but I'm having fun.

Specialist Joseph Pratt-Majesky: (reminiscing) He was definitely hitting the grass.

Specialist Frederick Ellington: (at the archery range) I need like a big target though - I need a target like a barn door. A building-size target.

(both laugh)

Specialist Joseph Pratt-Majesky: Hey - I like your ride! Yeah!

Specialist Frederick Ellington: Remember how you helped me change the oil on it? That was the first time I changed the oil on that vehicle.

Specialist Joseph Pratt-Majesky: To work on your car is five dollars an hour, and you have the whole use of everything in the shop, and you have unlimited tools and unlimited capabilities to fix your car.

Mechanic: You have a hole in your muffler right there.

Specialist Frederick Ellington: A hole?! In my muffler?! Ah, wow...

Specialist Joseph Pratt-Majesky: Oh, man, dude, you've got to get that fixed. That ain't good.

Specialist Frederick Ellington: Yeah.

(The Specialists work on Ellington's car together with the mechanic.)

Specialist Frederick Ellington: We're going rock climbing today (walking up a trail).

Specialist Joseph Pratt-Majesky: Really? Sweet. Let's do this. Let's go.


Specialist Frederick Ellington: I got up that tower.

Specialist Joseph Pratt-Majesky: I saw you do it!

Specialist Frederick Ellington: I guess it's because that's what we've been doing: training and moving and all that stuff, so that's one thing I didn't forget about is staying in shape.

Specialist Joseph Pratt-Majesky: Oh, definitely.

Specialist Frederick Ellington: I never did that side over there. I always did the easy side, but that was fun though.

We're having a lot of fun on the Post - there's a lot to do on the Post. You just have to get out there and find out what they are and where they are. There's unlimited things to do in the Army.