On Post: Family Benefits

A Soldier's family talks about the conveniences of having hospitals and day care centers on post for their busy lives.

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Melissa: I think living on Post is the way to go because of the convenience.

Brian: Everything is within five miles of where we live.

Melissa: They understand our lives are busy and chaotic and they help any way they can.

The hospital, I can see it from my front door. You know, even though there is a team of doctors, there is only one assigned to my family, and he understands my life.

If I'm in for Tommy and I ask him a question about Loralai, he responds to that question, whereas sometimes in the civilian world, they wouldn't help me, and that just made me feel that they love my children like I love my children.

The day care centers on Post are just amazing. Tommy started at the center when he was seven weeks old, and it was really tough for me to leave him, but his primary caregiver had been at that center for 25 years, so it was like l was leaving him with Grandma!

And Loralai, she has already learned to write her name at three, four years old. They do so many different activities - learning activities - it's not just a babysitting service. From a mother's perspective, the Army does take care of families, as well as the Soldiers.

Brian: It's what the Army does. It's the mutual respect for all families.