On Post: Activities and Fun Classes for the Family

Horseback riding, basketball and golfing are just a few of the things you and your family can do for fun on an Army Installation.
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Melissa: The Army does promote health and welfare of the family with all the activities that they offer. The gyms are amazing! They offer so many different classes. Step classes and spinning classes - you can't beat it! And it's all free.

Brian: I pick Brandon up from school, we go to the library, we go play racquetball in the evening time, basketball...In racquetball, he may just have the edge on me!

Melissa: I feel a Post is a kid-friendly and pro-kid environment. There are so many activities on Post for children: There's trails everywhere where you can walk outside with the kids, parks everywhere.

We go horseback riding down at the ranch. It's great 'cause Loralai just thinks the horses are wonderful. They're always so nice to us down there.

Brian: When I want to get away and do my own thing, it's usually golfing with my friends. Just right here on Post, it's an amazing golf course: It's one of the best I've seen since I've been in the Army.

Melissa: At the end of the day, we pull out the lawn chairs and we sit in our front yard.

Brian: It's a great feeling just to watch the kids just outside having fun!

Melissa: It gives him a lifestyle that we wouldn't have had had he not joined the Army. I love it!