More Physical or Mental?: Basic Training Q&A

PVT James Young compares the physical and mental challenges of Basic Combat Training.

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My name is Private James Young and I'm from Clendenin, West Virginia and I'm answering a question from John from Lincoln, Michigan. His question is; "Is basic training all physical or is it more mental?"

Honestly it all depends on the person. Basic training is both physical and mental, some people are more physical bound, some people are more mentally... they use more-they're more mentally adherent. It all depends, its 50/50, it all really depends on what you are.

There's some battle buddies that I've had that are strong athletes and they do fine on PT and the training and then there are some that are quick and sharp with their mind and they do good on the book smarts. It all come together as one large team so whether your physical or more mental you'll work out just as well cause it's all part of a team and that's basically all you really need to do to get through this. So have a good time and good luck in your future.