Military Police in Combat And Law Enforcement Operations: Army Careers

SFC Lindsay Jenise talks about the BOLO list, approaching a suspect and how to apprehend and detain a suspect.

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Hi, I’m Sergeant First Class Lindsey Jenice, with the 60th Military Police Brigade. I’m a 31 Bravo in military police. Military police perform several different functions, in combat and in law enforcement operations.

I’m going to cover a little bit about what a BOLO is. A BOLO is a “Be on the lookout for.” On a BOLO list we’re going to put out something that may be of high value to us, a person or a vehicle that we’re looking for. If you see a suspect in a crowd, you want to approach the suspect without escalating the situation any further. If you’re suspect flees the scene before you can get to him and apprehend him, we have an overwatch who is in an elevated position, who can assist you by giving you directions as to which way he’s gone.

Staying in the area and doing nothing is just as bad as taking the wrong action. When you stay around too long, your target could leave the area and you’ve lost your element of surprise. For example, raising your weapon could excite the crowd and escalate the situation. A better plan of action would be to go into the crowd, get control of the suspect, and move him out of the area, out of the view of the other civilians.

I’m going to cover some techniques on how to apprehend and detain a suspect. You want to grab the suspect by the wrist, place the flexi-cuffs over his wrist, with the backs of the hands together, you place the flexi-cuff over the other wrist, and go ahead and tighten them down. Pretty cool, huh?

Now let’s see if you were paying attention. Your mission begins right now.