Military Police: Army Reserve Careers

SPC Noonan talks about his role as a military policeman in the Army Reserve.

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My name is Specialist Miles Noonan, I'm a 31 Bravo (31B) Military Policeman in the Army Reserve, and I'm from Fairfield, Maine.

Joined the Army Reserve because I always wanted a career in law enforcement. And I decided that joining the Reserve as a Military Policeman, would give me the advantage in the civilian world in the law enforcement sector. We're there to protect the force. We're of the troops, for the troops. And we're the force of choice. That's the best way to put it. We get to rock and roll for lack of a better term.

And just everything that I've done, whether it's cruising down the streets of Panama in a humvee, or working law and order at Fort Devons, it's something new and exciting everyday.

We can be out in a field environment, we can be in a combat environment, we could be overseas, we could be anywhere in the world, and I'm not limited to one part of the state that I work in, or one patrol area. The world is my patrol area. When you get out there, and the scenery changes, and you're with a whole new group of people in an area you've never been to before and it's time for you to shine, it's great. I can't even describe it.